Finally, A Tee Shirt That's Got Your Back.

Finally, A Tee Shirt That's Got Your Back.


Founded in 2015 by Matthew and Melissa Parvis, Fresh Clean Threads is all about helping people look good and feel great without breaking the bank. What began as a tee shirt subscription business operating out of a San Diego guest room — then known as Fresh Clean Tees — has since become a household name for well-made basics. In 2022, we decided to be more than the world’s best-fitting t-shirt. So we changed our name from Fresh Clean Tees to Fresh Clean Threads to officially transition from t-shirt brand to apparel company. Our original goal as Fresh Clean Tees was to make the best t-shirts for men. Our goal now as Fresh Clean Threads is to design and deliver apparel inspired by our customers. We want to make the clothes you want to wear, and it’s not just crew neck t-shirts these days (though black tees may forever remain our most popular product). We’ve come a long way since the days of only offering crew necks and v-necks, from our inaugural long sleeve to our first henley shirt to more recent developments like slim-fit t-shirts and our Eco Fresh Tees. There’s a lot more on the horizon — for our company and your closet. Big, good things are ahead. Let’s do them together. Welcome to Fresh Clean Threads.

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    Basics Don't Need To Be So Basic

    When we started Fresh Clean Tees in 2015, it seemed as if there were only a handful of options for men's basics. You had either department-store or big-box tee shirts —inconsistent, scratchy, and uncomfortable — or overpriced designer tees, and, let's face it, paying $40 for a single tee shirt feels wrong. So we set out to change the game by creating a comfortable, stylish, and premium-style tee shirt that would be consistent in a variety of colors and styles while not costing a fortune. Instead of pillaging your closet in search of your one or two favorite tees, Fresh Clean Threads gives guys the ability to stock their closets with tees that make them look and feel their best day in and day out.

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  • Our Values
  • Our Values

    More Than Just Tees

    Our company believes in more than simply selling clothes. That's why we've worked hard to create a brand that our customers not only trust and love but also one that stands for something more and gives back to our team, our patrons, and our community. The more support we get for Fresh Clean Threads, the more we're able to pay that support forward.

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