Our New Fabric: StratuSoft

Our New Fabric: StratuSoft

  • Introducing


    We're excited to announce the launch of our proprietary fabric blend: StratuSoft. Named after stratus clouds, StratuSoft is our new super-soft, breathable, custom fabric that we now use to make our tees.

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  • StratuSoft: Best Of Both Worlds

    StratuSoft: Best Of Both Worlds

    StratuSoft’s proprietary cotton-poly blend offers the comfort, breathability, and softness of cotton alongside the performance features of polyester, such as moisture wicking and dimensional stability. StratuSoft is stronger, more durable, and longer-lasting than the fabrics you’re used to buying.

  • Even Softer

    We’ve made our super-soft tees even softer, if you can believe it. Our StratuSoft blend of cotton and polyester is run through our proprietary softening process to give our tees a buttery soft feel that lasts wash after wash.

  • Built to Last

    Sure, StratuSoft may be insanely comfy, but it’s also incredibly durable. With StratuSoft, color doesn't fade, collars don't twist, and there’s minimal pilling. We're talking about an airy, breathable fabric that seriously holds up.

  • Less Shrinkage

    Our all-new Fresh Clean Threads tees shrink even less than our original tees, ensuring that they continue to fit the way they did right out of the package, even after dozens of washes.

  • Better Stitching

    We’ve worked with our factories to improve the crafting of our tees, now featuring a consistent amount of stitches per inch, a durable cover stitch, chain stitching, and ladder stitching to make sure they hold up to your daily grind.

The 100-day guarantee

We’re so confident that you’ll love our all-new fresh clean tees that we’ve added a 100-day guarantee. If the shirt doesn’t hold up the way you think it should, just reach out to our customer experience team and we’ll replace it or refund you.

  • Made With Your Help

    Made With Your Help

    Don't worry, our all-new tees have the same fit you’ve come to know and love. We’ve just taken your feedback to make them even better. In fact, a lot of the tees you’ve been receiving the past few months have been these all-new fresh clean tees. [Yeah, we’re sneaky like that.]

StratuSoft Benefits

  • Super Soft

    Super Soft

  • Durable


  • Light And Airy

    Light And Airy

  • Totally Breathable

    Totally Breathable

So Fresh, So Clean, So Soft

So Fresh, So Clean, So Soft

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